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Right. Back on schedule.


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purple sarcastic yelling

icon chosen for el ariel

the hell?

I swear this isn't because no black ferret pictures beyond Wulf's could be found. Also, rasta hats.

Uh. To those who have wondered where I went.

Thorondir: *hides*

Galmod: *uses ferret-smell-o-vision*

Grima: *fluffs*

Galmod: *bites Thorondir*

Thorondir: *kicks Galmod into Grima and hides some more*

Galmod: O_O ::Ferret!Wrath::

Grima: FSST

Galmod: Squeak

Grima: *eyes Galmod*

Galmod: [SON!]

Grima: [Did I inhale what you were smoking again?]

Galmod: [I wasn't smoking. I was just drinking and then boom. Beer bottle suddenly bigger]

Grima: [My wife thinks I'm a scarf.]

Galmod:[No one will sell give me alcohol] ;_;

Grima: [let's go invade a liquor store. They cannot defend against us]

Galmod: [That...sounds like plan]

I'm normal again.

And...somewhere in the woods. I know I had pants when this started

well. Catch something that bleeds and bring it home for Erendis.

I have nothing witty to say. I am hungover and ferrets have no alcohol tolerance, mon. One bee--oh go away. I want aspirin and something dead.

Don't ask how we got the caps off. ~picks bits of store-owner out of his teeth and stalks off~
exhaling smoke

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My dreadlocks smell of hobbit. Winged hobbit. Singed winged hobbit. Singed bleeding from multiple wounds winged hobbit.

I'm getting my kids declawed and muzzled. ~coughs out some smoke~

Trotter! Clean.
exhaling smoke

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Sure, the rest of the lab is being busy with pedophilia and gender-change, so I've been quietly going around with my life. You know, tending to my children, spending time with my wife, being all nuclear.

I am a model of family values, mon.

Scuse me, Javier just set fire to the drapes. BAD! LOOK AWAY WHEN YOU SNEEZE
I look less stoned in this default

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Me and Erendis wedding anniversary was a week or so ago, but as she said in her post we were a bit busy.

I would like to point out I have managed to stay happily married a year and she's only had to break my elbows once.

I feel proud, mon.