Grima (poor_grima) wrote,

Picture post.

~lights cigarette~ I was busy today.

Okay. Trying out my new camera.

Erendis posing nicely. Having focus problems.

Blondes obviously overrated, mon.

First off, this was Ioreth's. So it isn't really 'my' or 'new' and there were some old pictures on it.

Ioreth before the spots.

Also, Mooouth, lots of pictures of little kids and some man I'm assuming must be a husband on here as well. If you want to see them, mon....

These two are a bit more recent:

Ioreth with the spots, but not the freaky mutations lovely skintone and eyes.

And the updated version of our darling Gilraen:

Last old picture on the role:

that is certainly not me blowing bubbles for Quorin. I am too aloof for such things, mon.

The ones I took today:


that damn whiny clone that kills things and is a pleasantish distraction when drunk. Did not write that. Must go make his life hell to compensate.

Poker-buddy. Likes them suicidal. Hiii, Namuras. I'm surprised he shows up on film.

Erendis again! Just to keep this pretty.

Card shark, pedophile, brooder. Trotter. Who said that if I called him a pedophile I wouldn't survive the day. lalala...damn gondorians

Cotton Candy looked too cute to bother waking up, mon. So here she is.

Mouth. Looking normal.

A rendition of a Galmod, as they move swiftly when the flash is on.

ERENDIS. The end, mon.
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