Grima (poor_grima) wrote,

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I have just one question.


Why is it whenever I start lecturing/fighting/yelling at Mouth, he makes a go at my virtue? It's getting disturbing, mon.

Grima: *sorts through old boxes of clothes*

Gwathren: Can I have a shirt?

Grima: *gives*

Gwathren: *changes into it right there* YAY!

Grima: *covers eyes*

Gwathren: *happy new shirt jig*

Grima: *picks up and cuddles*

Gwathren: *happy clings*

Grima: How's Cotton Candy?

Gwathren: Goodish. There are too many Mouths and I keep running into them and having odd moments and one is creepy.

Grima: I'll protect you then. *tugs her up higher*

Gwathren: *buries her head into his chest* Mn. *cling*

Gwathren: *peers up* What did you do today?

Grima: I committed crimes against humanity.

Gwathren: Oh? Like what kind of crimes?

Grima: I helped make more Mouths. *pets*

Gwathren: O.O Why? More? How many?

Grima: Fun. Target practice. Two.

Gwathren: *latches on* You know this means that I'll have to stay up here foreeeever.

Gwathren: *brightly* I could nest in your hair!

Grima: >.> this isn't a hint to cut it, is it?

Gwathren: Nooooo. I like it. *braids it*

Grima: Leave those alone. *swings her out at arm's length*

Gwathren: EEEP! o.o *clings to his arms then giggles*

Grima: *swings her some more*

Gwathren: *squeals and giggles*

Grima: *resumes cuddling* there. Which one was the creepy one? I'll go feed it to a spiderhobbit

Gwathren: *nuzzles* They all look the same. o.o can't tell them apart. It's the one that touches people inappropriately I think. Erendis was muttering about hunting him down.

Grima: well then. Let's go deal with it.

Gwathren: *eyedarts* okaaay

Grima: *searches*

Mouth 3: *washing dishes*

Mouth 5: *complaining about Two and drying them*

Grima: which one of you is grabby?

Mouths: o.o *blank stares*

Grima: *picks up butcherknife*

Mouths: *together* We haven't done anything.

Grima: Which one of you did, then?

Mouths: *together* did what?

Grima: grabbed my wife and Gwathren.

Mouths: *together* oh.

Grima: So.

Mouth 5: Two. He isn't quite right. (Mouth3)'re female...(Mouth5) *glares* You picked up all the original's irrational fears so watch it.

Grima: *covers face*

Mouths: ...we don't know where he is.

Grima: Stop that.

Mouths: stop what?

Grima: *holds up knife threateningly*

Mouths: o.o *silent*

Gwathren: *giggles a little* They look funny like that.

Grima: It's a good look on them.

Mouths: *quiet hate*

Grima: *growls*

Mouths: *go back to working*

Mouth 2: *carries boxes in*

Grima: which one is that one?

Mouths: *don't look up and shrug simeoutaneously*

Grima: *grabs two* Which one are you?

Mouth 2: What do you mean? *innocent look*

Grima: *sniffs*

Mouth 2: *grins* and hello to you too.

Gwathren: *shifts uneasily*

Grima: this the one, Cotton Candy?

Gwathren: *eyedarts* ...the others don't talk like that...

Grima: Alright then. Got a special treat for you, Mouthclone.

Mouth 2: Oh? *smiles and darts toward the door.*

Grima: *chase*

Mouth 2: *dashes through the halls trying to find Ioreth*

Grima: *roars and pounces*

Mouth 2: o.o

Grima: *fangygrin*

Mouth 2: >.> *nuzzles*

Grima: ...*claws go in*

Mouth 2: *winces and smiles*

Grima: *growls*

Mouth 2: *kisses soundly* No why do you have me on my back in the hall of all places and what's this about?

Grima: ...>.<

Mouth 2: You haven't been drinking have you? *eyebrow raise*

Grima: there is something wrong with all of you at a very deep level, isn't there.

Mouth 2: Possibly. *rubs his back* ...although I might've gotten more of that than the others....or not. *chesire grin*

Grima: *growls warningly*

Mouth2: *wraps both his arms around Grima's back and nuzzles*

Grima: *bites*

Mouth: *digs his fingers into Grima's back and bites back any noise*

Grima: *hiss*

Mouth 2: *cranes his head and bite-kisses Grima's neck*

Grima: >.< stop. that.

Mouth2: *complies but starts tugging at Grima's shirt*

Grima: *grabs and pins Mouth's hands*

Mouth2: *smiles and wraps his legs around Grima*

Grima: >.< bema...

Mouth2: Appropriate invocation as Bema was the Rohirric god of riding as I understand it.

Grima: >.< no riding!

Mouth2: *smiles and rubs up against him*

Grima: *claws*

Mouth2: *grunts and tries to pull his hands free*

Grima: *continues pinning*

Mouth2: *strains forward and lightly nuzzles his neck*

Grima: *snaps*

Mouth: *takes that at encouragement and kisses again*

Grima: *curses and bites*

Mouth2: *low whimper and goes limp*

Grima: *stands up, slings Mouth over his shoulder and looks around to see if anyone actually saw all that*

Gwathren: *in her room like a good little clone when these sorts of things start happening*

Grima: *more worried about his wife*

Erendis: *playing mother to Thorondir at the moment*

Grima: *goes to toss Mouth in the hobbitpens*

Mouth 2: *curls around him* mm. you really don't want to do that.

Grima: Yes I do.

Mouth2: *pets Grima* You weren't trying to get rid of me back there. *nuzzles*

Grima: *smacks* stop that.

Mouth2: If you set me down nice and safely right here...not in the hobbit pen

Grima: *holds Mouth above the feeding slot*

Mouth2: Since you're planning on killing me and since i have no feeling of brotherhood with my others - perhaps I could tell you a few thing that would be interesting and helpful.

Grima: such as?

Mouth2: Anything offhand you'd like to know?

Grima: Whether or not you have anything worth me listening to you

Mouth2: Mm. not saying anything while you're haning me above the feeding slot.

Grima: *loosens his grip*

Mouth2: *shrugs* toss me in.

Grima: You're just trying to buy time anyway, mon.

Mouth2: Maybe. I'm also suicidal and this is precisely was I hoped would happen.

Grima: *drops Mouth a bit further*

Mouth2: *hangs calmly*

Grima: *sighs and drops him at his feet*

Mouth 2: *Looks up and smiles*

Grima: stop that.

Mouth 2: We really have to work out our relationship you know that?

Grima: I'm happy with disliking you.

Mouth 2: I'm afraid it isn't as simple as that.

Grima: oh? *crouches down and looks Mouth in the eye* what is it then?

Mouth 2: You don't entirely dislike me or him or any of us. We made poor choices but so have you. We understand you on a level. On another level we don't.

Grima: oh, I dislike you. Trust me on that.

Mouth 2: If you really did I wouldn't be telling you this. I wouldn't have managed...what? Three kisses?

Grima: >.< shut up.

Mouth 2: *tilts head and peers* There's an inconsistancy of behaviour and it puzzles us.

Grima: I'm rohirric.We're easily distracted. That's why you're not dead yet.

Mouth 2: You aren't easily distracted and you aren't rohirric anymore. *smiles* You're conflicted. There's inconsistancies.

Grima: *glares*

Mouth 2: Can you explain to me why youhaven't killed the original by now? he should've been dead several times over before you made me.

Grima: Ioreth.

Mouth 2: She shot him and ordered you to kill him at one point.

Grima: Yes.

Mouth 2: And you kept him alive, allowing everything after that to happen.

Grima: ...yes.

Mouth 2: *pats him* ...we're sorry.

Grima: Killing you now.

Mouth 2: *nods and stands up*

Grima: *tosses him into the hobbit pen and locks* >.< hate.

Mouth 2: *brief scream while being eaten*

Grima: *goes to find his wife*

Erendis: *sitting at the kitchen table with tea*

Grima: *sits down and mutters darkly about Mouths*

Erendis: *eyes* What happened with them?

Grima: Apparently three kisses. *wants coffee*

Erendis: *eyebrow raise*

Grima: *gets up and fetches a drink*

Erendis: Sounds like you had a rough night.

Grima: Yes. The molestingMouth is dead now, by the way.

Erendis: *smiles* thank you

Grima: I want a parade.

Erendis: *walks over and rubs the back of his neck* I make a pretty sorry parade all by myself.

Grima: good enough. *nuzzles*

Erendis: *hugs* I'm sorry. They should all be killed.

Grima: I'll get around to it tomorrow. mm

Erendis: *hugs* Mmm.

Grima: Want a head?

Erendis: No. I just want them gone.

Grima: *yawns* will do.

Erendis: *kisses* come on. You need sleep. *pulls him back to their room*

Grima: you smell like the little clone again.

Erendis: I'll change.

Grima: *yawns* just wanna know why.

Erendis: >.> It's stupid.

Grima: too tired to mock.

Erendis: I'm mothering it. ...this means that it will probabaly die.

Grima: just remember to feed it.

Erendis: got that down

Grima: and keep the people prone to kill children away. and voila...

Erendis: I'm the people prone to kill children. ...sometimes.

Grima: oh dear. *tugs Erendis down and yawns again* *pets*

Erendis: *tries to stay awake* *nuzzles and gets comfortable*

Grima: *kisses* and why are you mothering it?

Erendis: It needs it...sometimes I need to care for things. *shrugs*

Grima: ah. Very noble.

Erendis: I was thinking compulsive and weird. *clings to Grima*

Grima: I'm a nice husband. I say nice things. *kisses her forehead*

Erendis: *smiles and kisses back* yes you are.

Grima: mm. *drifts off*

Erendis: *pets and tries to stay awake*

Grima: *asleep*

Rats: *chew on Mouth's toe*

Mouth: *slumps.* They won't ever let me out. *sad look*

Quorin: *has snuck in and is using Mouth's lap as a bed*

Quorin: *cutebaby* >.>

Mouth: *cuddles* how did you get in?

Quorin: I have my Ways.

Mouth: I didn't think this would happen. No one needs me anymore. I think Ioreth has forgotten me here

Quorin: *sucks on the cuff of Mouth's sleeve* mmph

Mouth: *cuddles*

Quorin: *tries to look sympathetic* *gums sleeve*

Mouth: how have you been? I see you're a kid again

Quorin: mommy likes me better this way.

Mouth: sorry

Quorin: *waves hands around*

Mouth: *plays with him*

Quorin: but she's crazy. So I'm staying here. *wraps a hand around one of Mouth's fingers*

Mouth: okay. It's nice to have someone around

Quorin: no killing me.

Mouth: okay. no trying to kill me either

Quorin: *shows fearsome lack of teeth*

Mouth: I have heard that being gum-med to death is a particularly cruel way to die

Quorin: roar. *gets started*

Mouth: oh oh no! I am in mortal peril with none to save me

Quorin: *tumbles*

Mouth: *catches* careful there

Quorin: *kicks legs* flying

Mouth: yes you are. *flies him around a bit*

Quorin: *delight*

Mouth: *smiles*

Quorin: *yawn*

Mouth: *cuddles and rocks to sleep*

Quorin: *does not die for once* zzz

Mouth: *nods off to sleep with him*
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