Grima (poor_grima) wrote,

Grima: *herds Mouths into the spiderpens*

Mouths: *rebel*

Grima: *growls and tosses one in*

Mouths: *tackle Grima*

Grima: *savage!*

Mouths: *savage back*

Grima: >.< ERENDIS *attacks*

Erendis: o.o *attacks the clones and one by one toss them down*

Mouths: *diminish*

Grima: *finishes off some more*

Mouths: *shrieking and dying*

Erendis: ... *stuffs the last one in* Is that all?

Grima: there's the original in the closet.

Erendis: ...we could toss him in too. >.> it could be an accident.

Grima: I was going to do that anyway.

Erendis: Oh good. *kisses his cheek* You think you can take care of him. I think the ginger snaps need to be checked up on.

Grima: *pats her on the shoulder and goes*

Mouth: *huddled behind boxes*

Quorin: *playing with a dustbunny*

Mouth: *mumbles things about rats and being very hungry*

Quorin: *tries to look inedible*

Mouth: *curls up in a little ball and tries to sleep*

Grima: *opens the door*

Mouth: *doesn't move*

Grima: *grabs him by the collar and drags*

Quorin: !! *latches onto Mouth's leg*

Mouth: What are you doing?

Grima: Feeding you to hobbits. You're the last one.

Quorin: nooooo o.o

Grima: the hell?

Mouth: *tries to tug free*

Mouth: I haven't done anything. You locked me in there. *squinting in the light*

Grima: Getting rid of all of you and what was Quorin doing in there?

Mouth: I don't know. He came to visit me. *keeps trying to tug away. I didn't want to be multiple.

Grima: You're very singular right now. *tightens grip and drags*

Quorin: *cries*

Mouth: why now? *squirm squirm*

Grima: Should have done this before. Let you live the last time and look what you did.

Mouth: *slump* >.<

Grima: *picks up Quorin and continues dragging Mouth*

Mouth: ...I've tried to be better. *voice wavers a bit*

Grima: I bet. *drags*

Mouth: Why now though?

Grima: Ask your fellow selves when you get to Mandos.

Mouth: *starts tugging again* I'm not responsible for whatever they did.

Grima: You're responsible for what you did and that's why you're going in here.

Mouth: *sad look, gets up and follows willingly*

Quorin: *waves arms at Mouth*

Mouth: *half hearted smile and waves back*

Quorin: nooo cuddles

Mouth: *takes Quorin and cuddles him*

Grima: *snatches the baby back*

Mouth: *looks down and cuddles*

Grima: Into the pen. they'll be hungry again soon.

Mouth: Will you kill me first please?

Grima: no.

Mouth: Why?

Grima: more fun to watch it happen. *pushes Mouth in*

Mouth: *sits down in the center and and waits*

Mouth: You were a better man once. What happened?

Mouth: *pounced and paralised and spun up for later by a spider hobbit*

Grima: >.<

Quorin: *sniffle* ;_;

Grima: ...*rescues*

Mouth: *unconscious*

Grima: *locks him in his room* *mutters*

Quorin: *_*

Grima: Be happy again and it'll be kickball time.

Quorin: *tries to look depressed*

"Used to be a better man".


Mouth: *rips little holes in his clothes*

Grima: *smokes and eyes Mouth*

Mouth: *looks up and freezes rabbit-like*

Grima: I let you live. Again.

Mouth: *frozen-mouth*

Grima: Bema knows why...*gets another cigarette out*

Mouth: Never let horses sing to you.

Grima: Or offer wine. Traditional lesson of all riders.

Mouth: *sage nod followed by paranoid look* *continues ripping little holes in his clothes*

Grima: stop that.

Mouth: I need to see. Always. Making windows.

Mouth: I know seven types of jigs that turn into colors.

Grima: very good. Precocious

Mouth: Have to stay awake or my mattress will eat me.

Mouth: *collects tiney scraps of paper and lint off the floor*

Grima: *sighs and pats Mouth on the head*

Mouth: *shivers and pulls away eyeing Grima warily* You are an angry cactus.

Grima: yes.

Mouth: why?

Grima: You worry me.

Mouth: I worry about the squirrels because who will give them food when I eat all their acorns

Mouth: they will sneak in and eat my flesh that is what will happen.

Grima: And good riddance to bad rubbish

Mouth: *hurt look* you used to like me...once maybe?

Grima: Maybe.

Mouth: And if you hold things too tightly they die.

Mouth: I'm not really alive you know. Not really.

Grima: Sounds like your heart is beating

Mouth: It's not my heart. It's someone elses.

Mouth: Mine went away a long time ago. I have very nice kidneys though.

Grima: *picks Mouth up and checks him for injuries*

Mouth: *paniced look and freezes*

Grima: *careful check*

Mouth: *low whine*

Grima: stop that

Mouth: *stops and brings his knees up to his chest*

Grima: *finishes check-up*

Mouth: When are you going to kill me?

Grima: ...I decided not to.

Mouth: Why? I should. Something is very wrong with me.

Grima: serves you right then

Mouth: *carefullly arranges the medical instrumens on the tray by size*

Grima: *puts him on the bed*

Mouth: *clings to him for a moment then scrambles back*

Grima: what the hell is wrong wit hyou?

Mouth: *blank frozen stare*

Grima: *growls*

Mouth: *cowers*

Grima: *acts oddly Sauronish*

Mouth: *stares*

Grima: *glares*

Mouth: What may I do for you?

Grima: something that counts as good behaviour

Mouth: *slips off the bed and kisses his feets* as you wish.

Grima: o.O

Mouth: *twines around his legs touching and kissing*

Grima: *jumps back and stumbles onto the bed* o.o

Mouth: *crawls in on top of him, kissing his stomach and tugging at his pants*

Grima: ....o.o *stunned*

Mouth: *removes his pants and continues*

Grima: *jumps back so fast he hits his head on the wall* o.<

Mouth: *pins and kisses his head briefly before beginning to ravish him*

Grima: O.O

Mouth: *puts all of himself into it*

Grima: *tries to escape*

Mouth: *hold him firmly until he finishes* *look up meekly*

Grima: ...

Mouth: ... *hesitantly pets him* I hope I pleased you lord?

Grima: >.> *darts out of the room and locks it behind him*

Grima: o.o bema

Mouth: *stunned,curls up in an unhappy ball*

Grima: *hides in his own room*

Erendis: Mm. Back late dear? How did destroying Mouth go?

Grima: *doesn't answer*

Erendis: *walks in* are you okay?

Grima: need to get around to just killing o.o

Erendis: *concerned look* what happened?

Grima: sorry.

Erendis: *sits down next to him and strokes his hand * about what?

Grima: bad husband

Erendis: *eyes* Why?

Grima: *mutters and burrows his face in a pillow*

Erendis: *pulls him over and cuddles him*

Grima: *nuzzles*

Erendis: *brushes the hair out of his face* Now tell me what happened.

Grima: told him to do something that counted as good behaviour...

Erendis: Yes?

Grima: sorry >.<

Erendis: ...what did he do?

Grima: stuff...

Erendis: But you didn't want him to do this stuff?

Grima: not particularily

Erendis: *kisses his cheek and pets* ...don't worry. I'll kill him tonight and he'll be gone.

Grima: >.< don't.

Erendis: *guarded look* why?

Grima: something about me being a good man once. *leans over onto Erendis*

Erendis: *slight edge to her voice* But I never have been a good woman so I don't see how it should apply to me.

Grima: *pulls her down* You're a very good woman. More than I deserve.

Erendis: *slight frown and looks up at Grima*

Grima: what?

Erendis: *kisses him*

Grima: *kisses back* that's not an answer

Erendis: I don't understand why you won't let me kill him. *presses her lips together*

Grima: ...I used to think it was wrong.

Erendis: And you're getting these sudden moral urges after he did eru knows what to you?

Grima: had them before...

Erendis: *swallows and kisses him again*

Erendis: would tell me if you decided to take him up as something on the side - wouldn't you?

Grima: yes. Barring the fact that I'd have to start liking men or enter another universe where he'd seem even remotely better than you.

Erendis: *clings* okay.. I'll leave him alone.

Grima: *pets* love you.

Erendis: *smiles* Love you too.

Grima: ...sorry I panicked.

Erendis: *sighs* It's okay...just an accident. *pets*

Grima: alright, mon.

Erendis: *curls up next to him*

Grima: *cuddles*

Erendis: *slips off to sleep*

Grima: *slips off to go yell at Mouth*

Mouth: *curled snifflingin the corner of his bed*

Grima: ...*sits down and awkwardly pats* stop that

Mouth: *bites his lip and stops* you weren't happy with me. ...what did I do wrong?

Grima: uh. the having sex with me part.

Mouth: *blinks and stares clearly confused* I thought...but that was what you wanted me to do. Was it really all that bad...the entire thing?

Grima: um...

Mouth: *looks fragile*

Grima: >.> *tries to comfort*

Mouth: *still very confused but clings*

Grima: where did you even think I wanted that? o.O

Mouth: You said that you wanted something that counted as good behavior...I thought it was obvious...>.> It's not as if I'm useful to you for much else.

Grima: ...*pets*

Mouth: *breathes a bit more evenly* ... you know I'd do anything for you...

Grima: *weirded out look*

Mouth: *doesn't notice* just have to ask...

Grima: ...uh-huh. *pets some more*

Mouth: *nuzzles* I could try again...I'd be better. I'm sorry for what I did last time...I could improve...

Grima: *quickly* it's fine.

Grima: really.

Mouth: *puzzled look* you wish.

Grima: Yes.It's very much what I wish.

Mouth: *is quiet and pets Grima almost compulsively*

Grima: who am I?

Mouth: *half smile* Is this a test of some kind?

Grima: Yes. Answer.

Mouth: Sauron, my lord and master, ruler of mordor and soon all of middle earth. *blinks*

Grima: ...

Mouth: *kisses his hand* I could be more detailed if you wish.

Grima: no. I get the idea. *quietly*

Mouth: *tilts head and peers at him* Is something wrong?

Grima: Don't worry about it.

Mouth: *nods and goes back to cuddling him*

Grima: *sighs*

Mouth: *quietly starts rubbing his neck and back*

Grima: >.< *tries to ignore*

Mouth: Here. It's better if you lay down. You're too tense... *gently pushes him down and starts to give a full back massage*

Grima: I'm too tense because I cheated on my wife...

Mouth: *pauses briefly and then continues* I didn't think you had a wife.

Grima: I do.

Mouth: *quietly continues*

Grima: which is where my complaint comes from.

Mouth: Pardon for bringing to your attention the fact that you never said anything about her before...

Grima: I'm really sure I have.

Mouth: Not to me. *bites his lip and is quiet for awhile* ...I'm sorry. I obey.

Grima: Such an improvement

Mouth: I'm glad you feel better. *voice wavers a bit* ...If you need me I'll be back in my room. That is if I have your permission to leave.

Grima: you are in your room.

Mouth: *blinks* well. under the stairs to be specific.

Grima: oh. No.

Mouth: May I ask what displeases you?

Grima: no going under the stairs.

Mouth: Where do you wish me to sleep then?

Grima: your bed is fine

Mouth: I thought...*blinks* as you wish.

Grima: you thought what?

Mouth: I thought you didn't like me sleeping here as you use it to entertain er...guests.

Grima: ...sit. stay

Mouth: *does so*

Grima: there won't be any...entertaining.

Mouth: *blinks but doesn't say anything*

Grima: and you will behave properly.

Mouth: would you please define behaving properly so I don't disappoint you again?

Grima: I wasn't disappointed

Mouth: *perks up slightly* you weren't?


Mouth: *tries to stay professional but mood visibly improves* *hesitant smile*

Grima: good. Smiling is good.

Mouth: *beams*

Grima: *pets*

Mouth: *leans into his hand*

Grima: *frowns*

Mouth: *blinks and stops* *slightly worried look*

Grima: What exactly do you and Sau--er, me do together?

Mouth: *tilts head* I do anything you want me to do. You do what you wish to me.

Grima: ah.

Mouth: *hesitates leans in and kisses then sits back quicly* Is something wrong?

Grima: just growing understanding. *wipes off where he was kissed*

Mouth: *notices but doesn't say anything*

Grima: *pats awkwardly again* thank you for answering my quetions

Mouth: Of course.

Grima: er. good boy

Mouth: *slightly disappointed look*

Grima: What was I supposed to say?

Mouth: I'm sorry. I wouldn't dream of implying that you should say or do anything. *bows head*

Grima: just answer the question.

Mouth: *quietly* You used to like to kiss me...

Grima: ah.

Mouth: *glances up* Just that wouldn't really violate your marriage, would it?

Grima: er...

Mouth: *leans forward a little* Please?

Grima: *deer in headlights* o.o

Mouth: *takes the opportunity and kisses him full on the mouth*

Grima: >.< off!

Mouth: o.o *jumps back* I'm so sorry....

Grima: *escapes*

Mouth: *slips back into previous depression*

Grima: >.< *looks back in* stop that. Be happy.

Mouth: *unconvincing smile*

Grima: *glares*

Mouth: *blinks back tears* I'm sorry...I will be...just give me a bit.

Grima: ...stop that.

Mouth: *freezes*

Grima: stop looking like I just beat you or something.

Mouth: *trembles and bows his head* yes lord

Grima: ...*comes back in and pulls Mouth up*

Mouth: *freezes*

Grima: just....behave.

Mouth: *confused look nearing panic attack*

Grima: >.< *pulls Mouth closer* fine. here. stop that.

Mouth: *clings and buries his face in Grima's chest*

Grima: *sighs and holds*

Mouth: I'm not really repulsive to you am I? It's just this wife. You still want me?

Grima: um...

Mouth: *peers up at him*

Grima: *tries to avoid looking Mout hin the face*

Mouth: *waits patiently*

Grima: is there a reason I'm being asked this?

Mouth: You haven't kissed me once tonight. You jump away when I touch you... *frowns*

Grima: um...

Mouth: what?

Grima: *gives Mouth a very chaste kiss*

Mouth: *small frown*

Grima: what?

Mouth: If you don't want me to touch you ever again. If you find me horrific and repulsive please be honest and tell me.

Grima: go to bed and stop being depressed.

Mouth: can strike me down after this but you're going to enjoy it... *holds Grima in place and kisses him repeatedly*

Grima: *tosses Mouth onto the bed*

Mouth: *sheer terror look and scrambles under the covers*

Grima: *pounces and pins* What could I possibly do to you that has you so scared?

Mouth: *whimpers*

Grima: Answer.

Mouth: You hurt me for fun. You like it when I scream and beg for mercy. Why are you asking me when you have a million ways of making me wish i was never born?

Grima: ...go to sleep.

Mouth: *closes his eyes immediates while still shaking*

Grima: *sighs and sits back* *pets* calm down.

Mouth: *tries to*'re not going to hurt me for saying those things?

Grima: should I?

Mouth: Please don't.

Grima: *pets* okay

Mouth: *calms down by degrees and starts to nod off*

Grima: good boy...*presses a kiss to Mouth's forehead*

Mouth: *smiles and drifts off*

Grima: *gets off and straightens his clothes*

Mouth: *mutters and rolls over*

I feel so incredibly dirty.
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