Grima (poor_grima) wrote,

Right. Back on schedule.

Mouth: *gnaws on you*

Grima: *swatswatswat*

Mouth: o.o *cowers*

Grima: ¬.¬

Mouth: *watches respectfully* Is there anything I can do for you lord?

Grima: ...after what else you've done for me, no.

Mouth: *tries to hide a crushed look* ...I'm sorry.

Grima: *mutters* Explaining this to Erendis will be fun.

Mouth: *waits uncomprehending* ...could you at least clarifiy your new expectation of me.

Grima: just behave.

Mouth: *eyebrow furrow* You were upset when I behaved last night.

Grima: >.<

Mouth: *takes Grima's hand and plays with his fingers* What more do you want of me?

Grima: er...*stares at Mouth* ...stay away from children

Mouth: *perpexed look* Certainly. That should be simple. *smiles and steps closer*

Grima: okay, so maybe this is an improvement

Mouth: *tilts head and smiles*

Grima: >.> what?

Mouth: *pets carefully and purposefully dosn't kiss*

Grima: *tolerates*

Mouth: *happy*

Grima: *sits down and tries to think of a solution*

Mouth: *sits down next to him and waits expectantly*

Grima: er. Avoid my wife too, while you're at it.

Mouth: What does your wife look like?

Grima: Dark hair. Beautiful. *waves hand* tallish.

Mouth: Of course *cautiously drapes himself on grima*

Grima: *tries to ignore*

Mouth: *strokes his neck absently*

Grima: under the stairs?

Mouth: *blinks* what?

Grima: last night when I told you to sleep, you said you slept under the stairs.

Mouth: Yes? *eyedarts* This isn't really my room.

Grima: *curious look*

Mouth: You use it for everyone.

Grima: I'm feeling a bit disoriented. Just explain.

Mouth: *frowns slightly* It isn't any of my business. I just obey. *dodgy look*

Grima: Answer.

Mouth: *doesn't look at Grima* I'm not the only one you sleep with. You use it when you have visitors

Grima: Ah. well. No more visitors.

Mouth: *startled look*

Mouth: don't mean that do you?

Grima: I mean it. So the room is now yours.

Mouth: *wide blink* Thank you. *runs a hand down his chest and kisses his shoulder*

Grima: good, good. You're welcome... *eyedart*

Mouth: *glances up while running his hand across his waist* I want to do something to thank you.

Grima: *warily* what?

Mouth: *kisses both of his hand then pressing him down on the bed*

Grima: >.< asl;kalks bema. *darts off the bed*

Mouth: ...I was just going to give you a massage... I wasn't going to do anything you asked me not to....

Grima: ...alright then.

Mouth: *frowns but starts stripping him and rubbing his back*

Grima: mm. this isn't so bad.

Mouth: You are tense. *moves his arm so as to properly get at all the layers of muscle* ...try to relax a little more.

Grima: ¬.¬ *relaxes a tiny bit*

Mouth: mn. Particularly big knot here. It may be a little tender at first but I can work it out. *straddles him to get at it better*

Grima: o.o *holds still*

Mouth: *gently works it out then rubs his back down and starts on his legs*

Grima: *drifts off a bit*

Mouth: *finishes the leg and arm then tugs him a bit to turn him over*

Grima: *does so* >.> *vaguely guilty*

Mouth: *smiles and brushes his hair away from his face then starts on his neck and chest*

Mouth: You're so beautiful. *massage massage* ...I'll miss you.

Grima: er, what?

Mouth: *blushes and works on the shoulders some*

Grima: random cryptic statements are against the rules too.

Mouth: *doesn't look at him* It was hardly cryptic. You're giving me this room because you don't want me anymore. You've gotten bord with me while I'm still very attracted to you.

Grima: most people just take a good thing at face value.

Mouth: *hunches* I'm sorry. I should be thanking you for not killing me... *moves onto Grima's legs*

Grima: >.<

Mouth: *finishes up* There you are. You should feel much better now.

Grima: mm. Thank you. Now just stay in your damn room and behave.

Mouth: *bows his head* Yes lord.

Grima: ...good. *escapes to find Erendis*

Erendis: *reading quietly in the chair*

Grima: *rests his chin on her shoulder* hello, mon.

Erendis: *looks up* Where have you been?

Grima: Mouth's room. he thinks I'm Sauron.

Erendis: *eyebrow raise* oh? And what does that entail?

Grima: information I'd rather not know.

Erendis: *pats* I'm sorry.

Grima: managed to make it stop trying to have sex with me. Innapropriate physical contact continues, however.

Erendis: *darkly mutters about killing it*

Grima: *kisses*

Erendis: *pulls him down and kisses back soundly*

Grima: see, this is why mine and Saruman's physically abusive relationship was so much healthier. *places with Erendis' hair*

Erendis: I'm not sure I follow.

Grima: Sorry. speaking in midthought. Was thinking about aspects of Sauron and Mouth I'm learning, mon.

Erendis: Like what?

Grima: I should just let you watch him.

Erendis: *eyebrow raise* Will you let me kill him afterward if I feel like it?

Grima: Maybe.

Erendis: Okay. I'll watch.

Grima: *tugs her up* come.

Erendis: *follows*

Grima: *knocks on the door* Mouth?

Mouth: Come in. *curled on his bed but hastily stands up*

Grima: *comes in, leading Erendis*

Erendis: *eyes Mouth warily*

Erendis: *drops to his knees and bows* You must be my lord's new wife. Welcome.

Erendis: *blinks* o.o

Grima: see? manners.

Mouth: *glances up nervously* My lord said that you were beautiful but that hardly does you justice. Pleased to meet you.

Erendis *mumurs something in return near speechless*

Grima: told you it was odd.

Mouth: *glances between the two* Is there anything I could do for you?

Grima: just be yourself.

Mouth: *blinks and nods but stays on the floor*

Erendis: *under her breath* It's almost creepy.

Grima: *quietly back* not almost. is.

Erendis: *ducks out of the room*

Grima: there. I think that spared your life for a little longer.

Mouth: *eyes Grima and stand cautiously* Thank you my lord.

Grima: *nods*

Mouth: any other requests?

Grima: No. That was good.

Mouth: *nods and curls back into bed*

Grima: *eyedarts and sits down beside* What's wrong?

Mouth: *hug and buries his face in grima's shoulder* *sniffs* ...nothing.

Grima: ...*pets*

Mouth: *stays like that for awhile*

Grima: *shifts a bit to get comfortable*

Mouth: *takes it as a cue to let go* *blink* May I have food sometime? I would get it myself but I haven't left according to your wishes.

Grima: ...I'll bring you something

Mouth: *nods* Thank you lord. *hugs briefly again*

Grima: very well trained.

Mouth: *looks down* Of course. Since you trained me.

Grima: ...*pats Mouth on the shoulder awkwardly* oh.

Mouth: *leans into his hand*

Grima: >.> *comforting noises*

Mouth: *nuzzles grima*

Grima: *sighs and tolerates*

Mouth: *smiles and rubs his back*

Grima: *focuses on the roof*

Mouth: *strokes his chest absently*

Grima: *pets Mouth*

Mouth: *quiet happy noise*

Mouth: You've been very kind to me.

Grima: I do try.

Mouth: *content*

Grima: *smiles a tiny bit*

Mouth: Are you sure there isn't something more I could do for you to make you happy.

Grima: I'm quite happy. Really.

Mouth: *plays with his hands*

Grima: *gives Mouth an odd look*

Mouth: *looks up* mm?

Grima: *eyedart* How *would* you make me happy?

Mouth: *blinks in confusion* Anything you wanted me to do I would. This in the past involved some sort of sexual or demeaning act but as you have a new bride...

Mouth: I'm at something of a loss.

Grima: She's not exactly new. It's been a year.

Mouth: *stops touching him* ...oh.

Grima: with children.

Mouth: *hurt look* Why didn't you tell me? And then...decide just now to....*looks down*

Grima: What did I decide to do just now?

Mouth: Abandon me. I don't understand. I don't put demands on your schedule. I've try to be as accomadating as possible. I do whatever you want me to and now you're permentantly moving to someone else? I've been with since numenor... *slumps* What Have I done wrong?

Grima: >.> be your own man, damnit.

Mouth: *miserable look* You've never wanted that out of me. Why now?

Grima: Change of heart.

Mouth: *curls* Why didn't you tell me sooner?

Grima: *picks Mouth up and tries to make him sit up straight*

Mouth: *wraps around Grima* If I were my own man, I'd only want to be yours again.

Grima: ...*growls*

Mouth: *stops and skitters back*

Grima: spine. get one.

Mouth: *wilts and stares at Grima*

Grima: ...

Grima: stop that

Mouth: ...go away.

Grima: very good.

Mouth: *curls under the blankets and waits for him to go.

Grima: *leaves*

Mouth: *cries quietly*

Grima: *stands at the door and listens* >.< need. moral. guidance. have no morals. bugger.

Mouth: *keeps at it for about 15 minutes*

Grima: *sighs and opens the door* Mouth?

Mouth: *wipes his eyes hurridly and sits up* Yes?

Grima: >.< ...I lied. Stop crying.

Mouth: *blushes* How did what about?

Grima: ...all of it.

Mouth: *blinks dawning understanding* You were testing me.

Grima: ...*cringes a bit* yes.

Mouth: *slips onto the floor on his knees* ...did I pass?

Grima: yes. flying colours. good work.

Mouth: *beams up at him*

Grima: *reaches down and pats him on the head*

Mouth: *kisses his hand* Thank you my lord*

Grima: don't thank me. trust me on that.

Mouth: *brief confused look* ... *starts to nuzzle his legs*

Grima: >.< *ignoreignoreignore*

Mouth *stands up and starts to undo Grima's shirt*

Grima: o.o notagain.

Mouth: *stops* ...what?

Grima: er. nothing.

Mouth: *pauses* ...I'm confused. *sits down own the bed and looks at Grima closely* I know I'm undeserving but please...what is the truth?

Grima: that I'm very confused right now.

Mouth: *shakes his head and pulls Grima onto the bed with him* I will explain to you then. *starts pulling off his shirt and kissing his shoulder and chest* Against all reason, I adore you and would do anything you asked of me.

Grima: which is very heartwarming, yes...

Mouth: *brow furrows* Then what's troubling you?

Grima: nothing to trouble yourself with.

Mouth: *slight shrug* As you wish. *runs his fingers down Grima's chest and kisses the hollow of his neck and collarbone*

Grima: *frowns, but lets him*

Mouth: *straddles him and gently presses him down*

Grima: *debates whether or not he wants to make Mouth cry again* o.o

Mouth: *touches and kisses his chest and stomach then starts to undo his pants*

Grima: *mutters a prayer to Bema* >.>

Mouth: *takes obvious pleasure in ravishing Grima*

Grima: *waits to be struck down*

Mouth: *finishes and curls up next to him, using his chest a pillow*

Grima: *guiltguiltguilt*

Mouth: *nuzzles and plays with his hands*

Grima: *more guilt*

Mouth: You're so wonderful. thank you.*kisses his jaw*

Grima: twisted. Not wonderful. >.<

Mouth: Both then. *smiles* *takes Grima's hands and runs them down his body*

Grima: o.o

Mouth: You spent so much time not looking. *rubs against him a little* Thought you should be reminded that I'm still young for you.

Grima: *slightly panicked tone* yes. I've noticed.

Mouth: *smiles a little and runs them down lower* You seem distracted.

Grima: nothing against you. Really. *tries to burrow into the bed* o.o

Mouth: *confused look and rubs his back* You're still acting oddly....

Mouth: Tell me what's wrong. you might feel better.

Grima: *sternly* stop asking questions.

Mouth: *does so* *massages his back quietly*

Grima: better.

Mouth: *kisses the base of his neck and curls up around him to sleep*

Grima: *tries to slip out of the bed*

Mouth: *wakes up* Mm?

Grima: *ignores and heads towards the door*

Mouth: *falls back asleep*

Erendis: *waiting up for him*

Grima: *just heads into bed and tries to avoid looking at her*

Erendis: *follow him in* something wrong?

Grima: I'm scum. *tugs pillow over his head*

Erendis: o.o It happened again didn't it? >.< *leaves for Mouth's room*

Grima: *chases after her*

Erendis: *turns and glares at him* Him or me? Which is it?

Grima: You.

Erendis: *nods* go back to your room then.

Grima: What are you going to do?

Erendis: Feed him to the spider hobbits.

Grima: no.

Erendis: Then I'm going.

Grima: *grabs* He thinks I'm someone else. Wasn't his fault for once. >.<

Erendis: *looks up at him then away* Leave me alone for a bit. I won't hurt the poor delusional bastard...

Grima: ...*steps away* I panicked?

Erendis: *shakes her head and walks toward the kitchen wordlessly*

Thorondir: *experimenting in the area of cookies and milk*

Erendis: *mechanically fixes tea*

Thorondir: *constructs a mighty tower of cookies*

Erendis: *ignores entirely*

Thorondir: ...*stops for a moment* Erendis, was I allowed to take the cookies?

Erendis: Yes. Sure.

Thorondir: yay *eats*

Erendis: *stares at a fixed point in space*

Thorondir: Erendis?

Erendis: Mn?

Thorondir: insomnia? >.>

Erendis: *nods* That and bad day.

Thorondir: *pats her hand* can't sleep either. *offers a cookie*

Erendis: I'm sorry. *eats* Have you seen Mouth recently?

Thorondir: *shakes his head* and I don't sleep well alone.

Erendis: ...I'll stay with you until you go to sleep if you like.

Thorondir: kay. Why was your day bad?

Erendis: Dont' want to talk about it.

Thorondir: ¬.¬

Erendis: *tries to smile* mostly insomnia

Thorondir: kay *scoots closer*

Erendis: *picks up and cuddles*

Thorondir: >.> *tries to make her feel better*

Erendis: *holds him tighter and cries silently on his shoulder*

Thorondir: o.o *hugs*

Erendis: *hugs back*

Thorondir: what's wrong?

Erendis: Mouth's been sleeping with Grima.

Thorondir: ..>.<

Erendis: Something is wrong with him. He didn't recognize me and thinks Grima is Sauron.

Thorondir: oh. He goes crazy sometimes.

Erendis: *half panicked look* but I can't do anything about it anymore. It doesn't work. I've been declawed.

Thorondir: he just hurt me last time. Um. Declawed?

Erendis: I don't have any area of influence anymore and it's driving me batty. Grima doesn't even respect me enough to keep his hands off of Mouth of all people.

Thorondir: oh. *fiddles with a bit of Erendis' hair*

Erendis: *blinks sleepily* between this and nightmares - I"m going to end up as mad as Mouth is.

Thorondir: >.> can't go mad. you're being nice.

Erendis: *smiles a little and pets Thorondir*

Thorondir: *nuzzles*

Erendis: *holds and rocks a little*

Thorondir: ...please don't kill Mouth.

Erendis: I'm not going to. *sigh*

Thorondir: kay. I know he doesn't like me at all, but still. *cling*

Erendis: ...who know. He might. Grima.... *trails off*

Thorondir: *shakes his head* he doesn't. I just made him feel guilty so he didn't go earlier.

Erendis: *tired look and kisses his cheek* I don't know.

Thorondir: getting over him >.> *continues clinging to Erendis* we can set fire to Grima too?

Erendis: *picks him up and carries him back to his room*

Thorondir: *looks up* not even a little?

Erendis: *set him in his bed and crawls in beside him.* Not even just a little.

Thorondir: *curls up against her* fine. but I have matches.

Erendis: *pets* I'll remember that.

Thorondir: *falls asleep*

Erendis: *waits to make sure then slips out*

Grima: *pacing in their bedroom trying to figure out what exactly to do*

Erendis: *returns and walks in* Still awake?

Grima: ...yes.

Erendis: *walks over, hesistates and hugs him*

Grima: *hugs back tightly* He started crying and I don't want to screw him up even further and I panicked and ...o.o

Erendis: *clings to him* I believe you.

Grima: thank Bema.

Erendis: *sits down on the bed* This is what happens. You tell Ioreth exactly what happened, she fixes him and everything goes back to normal. unpleasant as his normal is.

Erendis: I'd rather have you than a Mouth that jumped at my every whim.

Grima: but I'm the only one he's doing anything to like this. Not any of the clones. >.> it's a bit of a moral victory

Erendis: *frowns* screw the clones. I don't want to have to share you with him to keep them safe. Outfit him with the scissors again and that cuts his romantic endeavors in half.

Grima: that first part is what I'm trying to prevent...

Erendis: you want to keep him like he is?

Grima: well, you smell like Thorondir again so do you want him back to his old habits?

Erendis: *glares and strips* I don't smell like clone now if you were implying anything. I just want undivided you. >.<

Grima: It was actually an attempt to bring up protective insti--*distracted* *stares at Erendis*

Erendis: I *do* want him safe but I want you more. Do you think you can keep from panicing while around him?

Grima: um. o.o

Erendis: *eyebrow raise* Do you think you could at least act like a very busy dark lord while around him and cut out his advances?

Grima: will try that.

Erendis: *tugs him down and kisses him* good.

Grima: *kisses back* *makes mental note to just omit certain future things with Mouth, just in case*

Erendis: Love you. Thanks for being so honest with me *kisses again*

Grima: *weak smile*

Erendis: *tugs him onto the bed* Still very lucky to have a husband as brave as you are...

Grima: o.O Brave?

Erendis: *smiles and pushes back his hair* Mmhum. I can trust you.

Grima: okay, that's one of us then.

Erendis: *smiles and slips under the covers*

Grima: *follows and pulls her closer* I'm sorry.

Erendis: *kisses* It's okay. I still love you.

Grima: yay.

Erendis: *blinks and yawns*

Grima: *pets* sleep. For tomorrow I give you another headache.

Erendis: *mumbles something and drifts off*

Grima: *follows and hopes his dreams stay Mouth-free*

Erendis: *starts into nightmares*

Grima: *sleeps like a stone*

Erendis: *whimpers and then starts screaming*

Grima: o.o *startles awake*

Erendis: *wakes herself up* *blinks clutchign her side* ... um. I think I need to see Ioreth.

Grima: o.o kay. *helps her up*

Grima: *worry*

Erendis: ...It's the first time it's been this bad. I was cut with a sword and now i'm bleeding.

Grima: *scoops her up and looks for Ioreth*

Erendis: *presses her hands against her side hard* >.< It was little things at first. Just being locked in a cell with rats but now it's much worse.

Grima: *kicks Ioreth's door* get up, woman.

Ioreth: ._. go away. sleeping off eight days of coffee.

Erendis: *bleeding badly* Please?

Ioreth: >.< aslkjlakjs *comes out*

Grima:Fix *holds out Erendis*

Ioreth: ...*gets to work*

Erendis: *winces through most of it* May I also have more of that bad dream medicine?

Ioreth: Yes. There should be some in the supply closet behind the dead spider. Or was it the really big venomous one I can't sseem to get out? Grima, go fetch

Grima: >.< fsst

Erendis: Um. Should probably also alert you that while you've been busy with other things, Mouth's gone through a mental breakdown and believes Grima's Sauron.

Ioreth: Just kill him already. *sews*

Erendis: *winces* I can't.

Ioreth: why?

Erendis: ...he doesn't want me to.

Ioreth: Mouth really has no say in the matter, dear.

Erendis: Grima.

Ioreth: o.O

Erendis: They've slept together twice so far.

Ioreth: ergh.

Erendis: Why did you make multiple Mouths by the way?

Ioreth: something to kick.

Erendis: Mn.

Ioreth: *shrugs and finishes patching up Erendis*

Erendis: Thank you.

Ioreth: Not a problem, dear.

Erendis: Sorry about waking you up. *slips off the table gingerly*

Ioreth: *shrugs*

Grima: *comes back with spiderbites and the nightmare medicine*

Erendis: *kisses* Thanks

Grima: I'm never going to succeed in coming back in time to see you two having a torrid affair, am I? >.> *tired, slightly out of it with spiderpoison voice*

Erendis: Sorry you had to miss the blood, stitches and estactic moaning. Better luck nextime hm?

Grima: one can only hope. Here. Lookit. Drink.

Erendis: *does so* Thank you very much.

Grima: I think that spider insulted my mother, mon...

Erendis: mmhum. Come on. Thanks again Ioreth.

Ioreth: *yawns and heads back to her room*

Gwathren: *curled in her bed* hi.

Ioreth: ...*checks the door to make sure it is her room*

Gwathren: I woke up and there were spiders and on bit me and it hurt and I want to sleep in your room tonight.

Ioreth: I'm tired. No clones.

Gwathren: Pleaaase? I'll lie very very still.

Ioreth: o.<

Gwathren: *demonstrates*

Ioreth: fine. *climbs back in*

Gwathren: *curls around her and falls asleep*

Ioreth: *badthoughts* o.o

Gwathren: *nuzzles in her sleep*

Ioreth: *tries to think of her ex-husband* >.>

Gwathren: *loops her arm around Ioreth's waist*

Ioreth: *tries to think about Aragorn*

Gwathren: *small happy sound in her sleep*

Ioreth: *tries to disentangle herself*

Gwathren: *murmers and shifts hooking her legs*

Ioreth: >.<

Gwathren: *cuddles*

Ioreth: *reaches up and rests a hand on her*

Gwathren: *smiles in her sleep* *happy mumbles*

Ioreth: *tinycuddle*

Gwathren: *sleeps well*

Ioreth: >.> *tries to sleep and think nice happy things*
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