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to-do list:

1. talk to Mouth.
2. Go fishing again. We had a good catch, but when I opened the bag again after we got back all I had were a few bones and some fat failing to look innocent kittens.
3. Find way to keep kittens from fish.
4. Include all this in a mad scheme to drown the clones.
5. Actually remember to revive Trotter today.

I'm such a busy man.
purple sarcastic yelling

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In case this went over anyone's head, my boss is a four year old. A angry one. My poor shins.

Then Javier burnt her paperbag mask.

My wife keeps trying to force cookies down her throat, Thorondir's been grounded and locked in his room just in case, and Gwathren's helping me with the new clone. Gilraen...is somewhere.

I sent her to get me a syringe a bit ago and she came back looking for a camera.

Zee picture taken:

I think he drugged her, mon.

Back to work. I think the clone's actually coming around. If I can get it to work, I get naming rights...
purple sarcastic yelling

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Look, ma, working fingers.

It's only when Trotter's not around I realize how much I hate doing all the lifting-related chores myself.

I have nothing much to say.

However, Javier's stuck in a vent so I should probably pull him out.

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Ow. Also, ow.

Fucked that one up royally.

Did what any sane man would do after he'd guarenteed his wife hated him and left. I called in Javier and Hild to dispose of Thorondir's body, told Ioreth I'd need a bit of time off before I got the use of my arms back (a five day vacation. bah), and then I went to sleep.

I think I'm going to stay in here for a bit.
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So. My son is seeing dead people that get angry at him.

I put him in my room, gave him something to eat and left Erendis with him.

~picks up phone and dials~

I look less stoned in this default

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Erendis... Well. Since you've turned down my generous offer of Bob the lawyersock, I'll be the one trying to convince Ioreth to not kill you.

And since I *can't* really leave, obligations etc we'll leave the option of high-tailing it for later.

~sits down and gets out a pad of paper and a pencil~

First off. What the hell was going on there and why didn't you tell me?

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The little rat's taken up suicide. Or at least assisted. ~rubs his forehead and grumbles~ Had my wife about to stab him or gut him or something.

So. I've been watching him all night. After incident number one wherein I found out how many knives Trotter actually owned, I started actually watching him in his room. As opposed to sitting outside and looking menacing.

He talks. A lot. Took him four hours to stop trying to convince me I wanted to kill him (who taught him half that stuff? Me and Trotter will be having a chat on how to talk around children, mon) to two hours of him asking me too and he finally lost his voice a bit after he started yelling.

And he fell asleep.

And now he's back up again.

The screaming's started again, if a bit scratchy and he's been throwing things at me.

Ioreth isn't going to be happy. ~growls and grabs a shoe before it gets his face~

Erendis? Grab him or something.

on the subject of destroying Mouth...

Erendis said, take him apart for her. Have feeling I'm being punished too, mon.

~sighs and lights another cigarette~

's good thing I control those chips.

I wonder how much I'll be able to blame on plain incompetence later?

~goes off to find his kittens~

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Woke up in an odd position under mine and Erendis' bed this morning. Apparently drinking with Mouth went well. He probably left to go be sick.

~shakes head~ Just tired, me.